raining Method For Dogs! Be Attention!

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The one animal which you trust is a dog. The dog is always faithful and honest towards their owners. They have their strong sense of justice and good at finding logical solutions to the problems. Many people love to play with dogs because they are trustworthy towards them. Playing with dogs and having fun with them is too easy. Dog agility to the fulfilling sport is suitable for almost all dogs who are older than 18 months. The guide that given by the owner to dog agility in a pre-set course while overcoming various obstacles. Basically, the agility training is given to dogs for improving and sharpening of their physical skills, the intelligence of dog’s and so on.

Why Agility Training

One might think why this training? Dog agility training is required for all dogs. These type of training helps them to create a bond between you and your dog. During this training period, the equipment that necessary for them are weave poles, obedience jumps etc. Dog agility training is done to train the dogs from various obstacles. Any hurdle comes in front of them they can easily handle the pressure. To take part in competition if a dog is trained it can succeed in it.

Rules For Dog Agility

There are many groups of dogs. All types of dogs can practice agility as their comfort. To fair competition, dogs are classified according to their size. They are as follows:-

  • Small size – Below 35 cm dogs at the withers(14 inches).
  • Medium size- Between 35 and 43 cm dogs at the withers(14 and 17 inches).
  • Large size- Over 43 cm at the withers(17 inches).

Basic Tips

Dog agility training is given in a basic way. Before starting this training you should keep in your mind that your dog is following your basic commands. For example- sit, lying down, staying etc. Also teach them how to jump over hump, tires. Teach them to Crawl through tunnels and bridges. They are also a human animal. They understand the thought process of people. But only one thing is that they can’t express their feelings or share their feelings. Army person also trains a dog for their better half. Dogs are a support animal. They only need the training to come up and explore their talents. They are the best friend of the master. If dogs trained properly they can save the life of you in an emergency.

Guidelines To Follow

There are various guidelines which one should follow for the training of a dog. By following these guidelines one can easily notice that dogs are enjoying that movement those are as follows:-

  • Signing language- Using this language a dog can cooperate with you. If it will watch another dog in a club doing different movements and performing a various task then it will also get indulge in various activities.
  • Agility training at home- If you have a garden in your home you can apply this training. By this, you can train your dog independently. This is the best idea of training dogs. You will enjoy this time with your dog.


Dogs are best buddies and besties of life. One can treat and train dog according to their means. Lastly, dogs are playing pet for some people and kids.